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There are three main reasons you are looking into off grid or stand alone power systems:

1.Living off grid

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2. Escaping rising energy bills

3. Reducing your carbon footprint

1.52 kW Stand Alone solar array

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Here at Stand Alone Power Systems we specialise in the design and installation of any sized stand alone and off the grid solar power systems. Our design team has some of the highest qualified renewable energy engineers in Australia, while our installation team maintains the same integrity by performing reliable and quality installations on every project.

At Stand Alone Power we offer these values and service goals:

Experience: Our specialised design team has been drawing up the best customised stand alone solar systems for over 15 years, and we have the experience to get the right system connected to your home.

Efficiency: Our friendly and efficient installation team will have you off the grid in no time, with little or no interruption to your daily life as the installation is performed.

Sincerity: We never take on a job we can’t do, so you can rely on us to give you the best possible service. We won’t make you pay for anything we can’t provide, so you can rest assured you’re receiving only the highest quality products and service.

Fairness: Some companies can charge excessively for design and installation services. We don’t. Our pricing structure is clear and reasonable.

Effective all year round: You’ll always have a reliable source of solar power, even in the colder months when the sun doesn’t shine as long. Your off grid solar power system will always keep a backup of stored power in its battery bank, so you can rest assured your home will always have electricity.

Reliability: The electricity that runs from your stand alone solar system is consistent and dependable, and when the rest of your street experiences blackouts or power surges from fallen power lines, your solar system will keep on running and keep your home powered.

Hybrid solar & wind: Stand alone power systems can be combined with a wind turbine. If you’re in a location that doesn’t see much sunlight during the year, your stand alone solar system can easily be combined with a wind turbine which will help it generate electricity without much sun.

Trackable & silent power production: Our specially designed solar systems are completely silent as they produce electricity to power your home, so you’ll never be bothered by the noise of loud power generators.


How Can We Help You

We realise that for many people installing a stand alone solar system to your home isn’t just a matter of preference. It’s a necessity. Stand Alone Solar Systems have been working to provide remote areas and properties with the means to power their homes, workshops and sheds without having to pay the electricity companies for costly power line installations or constantly rising diesel prices for generators. If you live remotely the cost for getting mains electricity connected can be a lot more than if you live in urban areas.

We are able to supply and install stand alone systems to businesses, remote properties, residences, sheds, workshops and anything in between. No matter where you live or the type of property you have, we will have a customised solar solution to suit your needs.

The team at Stand Alone Power Systems are able to offer you a customised off grid electricity supply that will reliably power your home completely from the sun. We will also provide deep cycle battery cell technology to keep it running on rainy days and in emergencies, and provide a delivery system that is easily able to be reconnected to the mains electricity grid at any point in the future.

By choosing Stand Alone Power Systems you are supporting locally made products and industries. All our products are backed by excellent warranties and support.

If you are in the process of researching your options for providing electricity to your home, shed or remote property then take advantage of the extensive knowledge within out system design team and contact our off grid solar technician, Mark, for a no obligation chat about your power needs.


You are the owner of a property where you live remotely

If you live in a remote location or town, our stand alone solar systems can help you save money on your power bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

Installing a complete stand alone solar system can be a huge benefit to you and your home, especially for those that live in areas where connecting to the national electricity grid is expensive or unreliable. An off grid system can provide a cost effective alternative to expensive grid connection and provide a reliable energy supply generated from solar, or a combination of solar and wind systems.

For more information on stand alone power systems for remote properties visit our off grid page.


You are concerned about rising energy bills

There’s no denying that saving money on power bills is something everyone is interested in doing, no matter where you live. While there are a few ways to save money on electricity, few can beat a fully customised stand alone solar system independent of the national electricity grid.

Once you install a stand alone solar system you’ll never have to pay an electricity bill ever again, because you’ll be producing electricity from your own power source. There are also very little or no ongoing running or maintenance costs. Once your stand alone solar system is installed you won’t have to pay for electricity again and will save yourself thousands of dollars over its lifetime. In addition, with the Federal Government’s Solar Incentive Scheme, you’ll also be able to save a significant amount on the upfront costs.

Stand Alone Solar Systems is genuinely concerned with the costs associated with the connection of electricity to the main utility grid. That’s why we have developed a range of customised solutions that are not only significantly cheaper overall than conventional electricity sources, but also provide a much more reliable source of electricity with no unexpected and inconvenient power surges or black outs. Here is a quick overview of how stand alone solar systems work

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You want to reduce your carbon footprint

Stand alone solar systems provide a clean, green source of reliable energy straight from the sun. They capture sunlight during the day and convert it into electricity that gets stored in the system’s battery bank. This means you’ll still have power even when the sun isn’t shining.

The use of solar systems to generate your own electricity makes you completely independent of the coal, nuclear or gas driven electricity network. By using the fossil fuel free energy from the sun you will be reducing your impact on the environment without sacrificing your quality of life.

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How They Work

Stand Alone Solar System Diagram

How Stand Alone Solar Works

Stand alone solar systems produce reliable and efficient electricity for your home using a relatively simple process.

1. The sun shines on the solar panels on your rooftop, which then convert the sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity.

2. The DC electricity is stored in the battery bank, and controlled by a solar charger which keeps the batteries charged.

3. The stored energy in the batteries runs through an inverter, which converts the DC electricity into 240 volt alternating current (AC). This current is what households use and what you are probably more familiar with.

4. The inverter then sends the AC electricity to your household through your existing switchboard, so you are able to power all your usual appliances.