Off Grid Solar Power

Off Grid and Stand Alone Solar Power Projects

As a testimony to Stand Alone Power Systems’ customised designed systems, please browse some of the great examples of our off grid solar power systems below. We work with our clients to ensure that our Stand Alone solar designs are robust, reliable and intended for their purpose.

We are proud to supply Australian made products where available.

Below are some examples of Off Grid solar installations. Please contact us for our Stand Alone solar prices.

3.43 killowat (kW) Off Grid Solar Array - Project in Millmeran Queensland

Date: April 4, 2018

Off the Grid – Millmerran 7.5 kW

7.5 kW Off the Grid Solar System Millmerran

Living off the grid for this rural household includes a 7.5 kW solar array, 2 solar

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5 killowat (kW) Off-Grid Power Room – Project in St. Agnus QLD

Date: October 12, 2017

5 kW Off-Grid Power – St. Agnus

The above picture

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4.7 killowat (kW) Stand Alone Solar – Project in Northern NSW

Date: February 8, 2017

4.7 kW Stand Alone Solar – Northern NSW

Off Grid Solar – Northern NSW

This Stand Alone Solar power system is mounted on 3 post solar arrays – 4.7 kW

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3 killwat (kW) Stand Alone Solar Ward Array– Project in Yandina Queensland

Date: April 18, 2016

3 kW Stand Alone Solar – Yandina

3 kW Off-Grid Solar Yandina, Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

After the initial discussions with the owners of the scenic property on the Sunshine Coast

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3 killowat (kw) Off Grid Solar Post Mount - Project in Yandina Queensland

Date: March 14, 2016

3 kW Off Grid Solar SE QLD

This 3 kW Off Grid solar system is an example of how effective a small system can be.  Many people think that

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Off Grid Solar Outback - Project in Darling Downs QLD

Date: February 28, 2016

3 kW Off Grid Solar – Darling Downs

This 3 kW Off Grid Solar system located in the Darling Downs, Queensland generates sufficient electricity for a rural property and has

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