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Midnite Solar Charger Controller

Date: May 3, 2018

Midnite Solar (U.S.A) has developed a range of solar charge controllers suitable for the Off Grid Solar Systems market. They are some of the most flexible in input/output design in the world and have features not found in any other solar controller on the market. Midnite Solar looked at other companies solar chargers before designing their own…they worked out how to do it better – to provide more power from Off Grid Systems for same solar array.

By producing an Off Grid solar charge controller with more efficiency means more power for the end user. Midnite Solar’s philosophy is to provide the Off Grid Solar market with the most reliable solar charger on the market at a very competitive price. More often than not, you’ll find the Midnite Classic Solar charger at a price better than other companies.

Furthermore, Midnite Solar decided to incorporate features such as data logging, usually an additional component of other companies products into the actual product itself. This also adds additional savings when using the Midnite Solar Classic range.

The Midnite Classic range includes the Classic 150, Classic 200 and Classic 250 – these have an input range of 150, 200 and 250 Volts respectively. These higher input voltages means less wire runs – so an installation is easier to perform and also cheaper in both the amount of wire that is needed and the time in which to do the installation.

When more than one solar charger is required for one Off Grid Solar System, Midnite Solar has developed a range of charge controllers which work exactly the same as the Classic series, however have taken out some components which the Classic (master) can do, hence saving on additional costs. This is an excellent feature and can save a few hundred dollars per job when more than one solar charger is required for an Off-Grid Solar Power System.

Midnite Solar’s approach to this was simple; let one Midnite Classic do all the thinking while the others simply work – they take instructions from the Master and the others act like slaves. They are ‘networked’ together, with the aid of data cables and programmed via Midnite Solar tool named “Follow me”.

To watch a video by Midnite Solar’s Follow me, please click the following link:

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