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Selectronic SP PRO

Date: May 3, 2018

With the Australian owned and built Selectronic SP PRO series inverters, with over 50 years experience in power conversion equipment and electronics, the scene for off grid renewable energy has changed. Selectronic announced the release of the anticipated SP PRO series inverters in February 2009. Since then have released a diverse range of models, more specifically the SP PRO range applicable for Off Grid Solar Systems or Stand Alone Power Systems.

The SP PRO is suitable for Grid Connect and Off Grid solar applications for residential, commercial, industrial, marine and mobile situations, while the SP PRO GO (Grid Optimised) is suitable only for grid connect applications.

Selectronic SP PRO Interactive Inverter Chargers use the battery bank to store excess energy from renewable sources (normally PV solar) for periods when power demand is low. When the power demand is too high for the inverter alone, or when the battery bank requires recharging, the inverter automatically starts a generator.

The SP PRO series is available in sizes ranging from 3 kW to 20 kW for a single phase system and 9 kW to 60 kW for the SP PRO in a three phase configuration. The SP PRO series of inverters combine an in-built charger, and since having the ability to ‘combine’ with a generator to produce the combined power of the inverter and generator, these types of inverters are commonly known as ‘Hybrid’ inverters or bi-directional inverter-chargers.

The SP PRO series use an intelligent range of settings that accurately monitor the power generated from an Off Grid solar array and the power consumed by your home/business. Some of these settings include ‘quiet’ time for a generator, such as if the sun will rise in a hour, hence saving on fuel costs. The SP PRO can also go into ‘idle’ mode if no power is being consumed, saving power on leaving the inverter in self consumption mode, if even very low. The SP PRO can also deliver more power – up to 10% of the rated power for approximately half an hour, for unexpected loads, such as grand kids leaving all appliances on.

Furthermore, the charger in-built in the SP PRO Off Grid Solar series is capable of delivering up to 125 Amps continuous – meaning that the batteries will charge in less time, if required, hence saving on fuel costs. While the charging process is occurring the ‘inverter’ (DC to AC) part of the SP PRO allows the generator to supply power to the Off Grid Power System, hence saving on further running costs.

As Off Grid Solar Systems are improving with technological advancements, so too the SP PRO series has some excellent data monitoring features that compliment other components such as Solar Chargers (MPPT – Maximum Power Point Trackers). With the use of the SP PRO wireless link – the owner of an Off Grid Solar System are able to monitor the performance of the system via a laptop or PC. The installer is also able to monitor a system remotely  (if internet is available in a particular area – and has permission from the owners).

The advantages of monitoring system performance is that the owner/s of an Off Grid Solar System can see exactly how much power has (stored in deep-cycle batteries) and is being generated from the Off Grid solar array. The owners can see when the batteries are at 100% state of charge and for example that 3 kW of continuous power is available – they can then decide to run appliances such water pumps (pump water to higher elevations for later use), install a secondary fridge, run an air conditioner or put on an extra load of washing without any implications.

Below a snap shot of SP PRO link software and the information viewable:

Off Grid Solar SP pro inverters Android View - By Stand Alone Solar