Plasmatronic inverter

Off Grid Solar – Plasmatronics

Date: March 9, 2012

The Plasmatronics PL series of off grid solar charge controllers are the industry standard, field proven way to take control of your stand alone solar renewable energy system.

With tens of thousands of units in service, in a huge variety of applications, the Plasmatronics PL series has a well-earned reputation for versatility and reliability.

The four stage charging algorithm incorporating true Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) constant voltage control gives you complete control over the whole charging cycle. All charging voltages and times are adjustable over generously wide ranges. This allows
you to customise the charging regime to suit just about any custom requirements which you, your customer, or your battery manufacturer may have. Of course, in most cases you can choose from one of our four default programs, which cover most types of batteries and off grid solar systems extremely well.

Plasmatronics PL series off-grid-solar controllers have plenty of other tricks up their sleeves as well. They can control generators, night lights, back-up battery charging, many timer applications, and heaps more.

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