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Date: October 13, 2017

Li-Fe Batteries – Do they stack up?

As a solar installer and designer, I receive many enquiries regarding Lithium-Ion (Li-Fe) batteries. Li-Fe batteries are popular, but it’s worthwhile to

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Date: March 19, 2015

Midnite Solar Charger Controller

Midnite Solar (U.S.A) has developed a range of solar charge controllers suitable for the Off Grid Solar Systems market. They are some

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Selectronic SP PRO

With the Australian owned and built Selectronic SP PRO series inverters, with over 50 years experience in power conversion equipment and electronics, the

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Battery and Shed - 12 x Exide Energystore 1600 Amp-hour deep cycle batteries

Date: March 18, 2015

Deep Cycle Batteries – Off Grid Solar

The decision between the type of deep-cycle battery for an Off Grid Solar system is often made financially. Typically because sealed deep-cycle

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Date: October 24, 2012

Sealed Deep-cycle Batteries vs. Open Vented Batteries – Off Grid Solar

The decision between sealed deep-cycle battery, often called a maintenance free battery and open-vented batteries when considering an Off Grid solar system

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Outback Regulator

Date: October 21, 2012

MPPT versus Switched Regulation (PWM) – Off Grid Solar

The debate about both Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) versus Switched Regulation (or referred as Pulse Width Modulation – PWM) is  worth

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Date: October 20, 2012

AC Coupling vs DC Coupling – Off Grid Solar

Off Grid solar DC coupled systems typically use a stand alone (Off grid solar) inverter  and a solar charger (Maximum Power Point or a Switched

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Date: October 19, 2012

Monocrystalline vs Polycrystalline Solar panels – Off Grid Solar

There are 2 main types of solar panels on the market, namely mono crystalline and polycrystalline panels – this article does not

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Date: October 18, 2012

Stand Alone Solar System Design – Off Grid Solar

How to increase efficiencies of a Stand Alone Power System (Off-Grid solar), aspects on how to improve performance and ways to reduce

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Latronics Inverter

Date: October 17, 2012

Case Study – 3.43 kW Stand Alone Solar Power System

The system shown here typically represents a stand alone solar power system (off grid solar) suitable for a domestic application occupied on

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