Off Grid Power Solar Array - Project in Northern Rivers

3 kW Off Grid Solar – Northern Rivers

Date: April 12, 2018

This Off Grid Solar system situated in the Northern Rivers, New South Wales supplies all essential power to a remote household. This includes fridge,  freezer, lighting, kitchen appliances, washing machine, computers, entertainment, power tools etc. It was a solution of getting reliable Stand Alone solar to a site where the main electricity was more than 5 kilometres.

The Outback inverter/charger automatically detects when the generator is present and switches the load from the inverters to generator, whilst recharging the batteries. The Outback inverter/charger can deliver a massive 5750 Watts of surge power to start up water pumps, fridges, freezers and power tools.

This Stand Alone Solar system comprises of Suntech 250 Watt solar panels, Outback Flexmax 60 Amp MPPT solar charger, Outback 3 kilo-Watt/ 42 Amp inverter/charger and 24 x 700 Amp-hour Sonnenschein sealed gel deep-cycle batteries.

View photos of this Off Grid Solar system below.

Off Grid Control Panel - Project in Northern Rivers

Control panel consisting of Outback 3kW inverter/charger, 60 Amp solar charger, monitoring control devices and Sonnenschein 700 Amp-hour gel cel deep cycle batteries.

2.25 kW solar Array situated Drake NSW Northern Rivers

2.25 kW solar array situated Drake NSW