4.7 killowat (kW) Stand Alone Solar – Project in Northern NSW

4.7 kW Stand Alone Solar – Northern NSW

Date: April 8, 2018

Off Grid Solar – Northern NSW

This Stand Alone Solar power system is mounted on 3 post solar arrays – 4.7 kW total used to supply the Selectronic SP Pro 5 kW inverter/charger (pictured below). Selectronic’s philosophy in designing a unit like this is very simple…if you chose to live off-grid you shouldn’t have to compromise on the amount of available power and should be have same amount available as your metropolitan counterparts when living with off grid solar.

Off Grid Solar Inverter & Charger on the Wall - Project in Northern NSW


The Selectronic SP Pro inverter/charger range can be connect up to 3 units together to combine their output. They also can be combined with a generator to  deliver the output rating of the inverter and generator. They can also start a generator automatically if more power is required.

The SP Pro can deliver a massive 15 kW for starting up motors in air-conditioners, washing machine spin cycles, deep bore pumps and anything with requires a large surge in power to get it going. In fact the SP Pro has over 200 settings from watering your lawn when it’s dry to turning on a security light while you’re away.

The deep-cycle battery bank (pictured below) supplies over 50 kW/hours of electrical energy. In the advent of overcast weather the owners still have continuous and reliable power. Once the sun shines again, the 4.7 kW array recharges the battery bank in less than 2.5 days, even whilst using power.

Off Grid Solar Power Battery Bank - Northern NSW


This Off Grid Solar system comprises of 18 x 260 Watt Suntech solar panels, Midnite Solar 80 Amp MPPT solar charger, Selectronic 5 kW/ 110 Amp inverter/charger and 24 x 1080 Amp-hour Exide Energystore Gel deep-cycle batteries. The Selectronic SP Pro can deliver a massive 15,000 Watts of surge power!

The Midnite Solar MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracker) charger can deliver up to 80 Amps charging, has easy to use display and records information in and out of the Stand Alone Solar Power System.