5 killowat (kW) Off-Grid Power Room – Project in St. Agnus QLD

5 kW Off-Grid Power – St. Agnus

Date: April 20, 2018

Project - 5 Killowat (kw) Solar Off Grid Room - St Agnus QLD

The above picture shows the equipment room for this 5 kW stand alone solar power array used to supply reliable electricity to a rural block for a whole family. They chose to use equipment with a good reputation as many of their neighbours had bought equipment from ebay which in many instances had failed in the first year!

On this note, they took my advice and used a German made battery manufacturer Sonnenschein, which warrant their batteries to perform 3800 cycles (discharge/recharge) at 30% discharge per day! They also accepted my view that the Schneider XW inverter series were excellent value for their performance for an off grid solar power system.

The Schneider XW7048E inverter/charger has a continuous rating of 5.5 kVA and can deliver 7 kVA for half an hour, which should be more than suitable for those who wish to run a workshop.

The Midnite Solar charge Controller can deliver all of the 5.04 kW power, displays and records all of the information in and out of the whole system. The Midnite solar charge controller was selected due to that has all these functions inbuilt and can be connected to a wi-fi network enabling it to monitored any where in the world via the internet.

This example of an Off Grid Solar system illustrates that it is not all about size, often it’s about brains. This system supplies all essential power to a family household. It was a solution of getting reliable electricity to a site where the mains electricity was not an option.