2.7 kW array - 20 x 135 Watt Kyocera polycrystalline solar panels

Off Grid Power – Maleny 2.7 kW

Date: December 21, 2014

2.7 kW Off Grid Power Solar System

This Stand Alone Solar Power system consists of 20 x 135 Watt Kyocera polycrystalline solar panels, Plasmatronics 60 Amp solar regulator, 12 x 1330 Amp-hour Exide deep cycle batteries and Selectronic SP PRO 4000 Watt Off Grid solar inverter/charger.

This Off Grid Power system supplies all essential power to lighting, refrigeration, entertainment, workshop, water pumping etc. The Selectronic SP PRO inverter was chosen because if the electricity grid becomes available then the owners are able to connect this system to the grid plus the additional benefit of having a battery back-up system. It is also capable of paralleling with a generator to provide more power and has a 104 Amp in-built charger . The cost of connection to the grid at the time was quoted at $60,000.

View photos of this Off Grid Solar system below.