Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) – East Brisbane

Date: March 17, 2010

This UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) situated at Stand Alone (solar) Power Systems provides back-up power for the office and workshop. With the advent of power failures this storm season, an UPS is ideal for complete back-up of computers, faxes, printers etc to keep you in business whilst other business’ come to a grinding halt.

An UPS does not have to be a complicated system, it simply has to provide enough power to run essential appliances from a few hours to the worst case scenario of several days, depending on how critical the application is. The one pictured here is over-engineered for it’s application, however can run the office and workshop for 1 week with a blackout of the mains electricity.

Stand Alone Power Systems can design and supply an UPS depending on your needs and budget, the charger can be installed on an off-peak tariff to save costs. In this scenario only an off peak tariff chargers will be applied while you’ll have the additional benefit of continuous, uninterruptible power.

This system comprises of a Latronics LS1012 true sine wave Off Grid solar inverter (1000 Watts continuous/ 3000 Watt surge rating), Woods 30 Amp Battery Australia, Plasmatronics solar regulator (as a device to measure charge and load currents) – all Australian made and 4 x 330 Amp-hr (1320 Amp-hours in total) Sonneshein deep cycle batteries.

Please view photos of this Off Grid system (UPS) below.