18 x 190 Watt Suntech STP190S-24Ad+ solar panels

Stand Alone Solar Power Systems – Jandowae 3.42 kW

Date: January 3, 2015

3.42kW Stand Alone Solar Systems

This Stand Alone Solar Power systems consists of 18 x 190 W Suntech monocrystalline solar panels, Plasmatronics 60 Amp solar regulator, Exide 1600 Amp-hour deep cycle batteries, Latronics 3.5 kW Off Grid solar inverter and Woods 60 Amp battery charger.

This Off Grid Solar system supplies all essential power to a household of 4 people including fridge, freezer, lights, washing machine, tvs, water pump and electric stove. It was a solution to getting power where the cost of connection to the main grid was quoted at $160,000.

Stand Alone Solar Power Systems worked with the owners to achieve a system which performs to meet their needs. The system was installed in 2009 and since then have had not any major failures of the system – it’s been performing day and night for over 5 years!

View photos of Off Grid Solar System below.