Stand Alone Power – Off Grid Solar Battery Systems

There are three main reasons you are looking into off grid or stand alone power systems:

1.Living off grid

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2. Escaping rising energy bills


3. Reducing your carbon footprint

Reduce carbon footprint by Off Grid Solar

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Here at Stand Alone Power Systems we specialise in the design and installation of any sized stand alone and off the grid solar power system. Our design team has some of the highest qualified renewable energy engineers in Australia, while our installation team maintains the same integrity by performing reliable and quality installations on every project.

How Can We Help You

Stand Alone Solar Systems have been working to provide rural areas with the means to power their homes, businesses and workshops without having to pay the electricity companies for costly power line installations. If you live in a rural area the cost for getting mains electricity connected can be a lot more than if you live in urban areas.

The team at Stand Alone Power Systems are able to offer you a customised off grid electricity supply that will reliably power your home, business or workshop. We provide battery technology to keep it running on rainy days and in emergencies.

By choosing Stand Alone Power Systems you are supporting locally made products and industries. All our products are backed by excellent warranties and support. 

How They Work

Stand Alone Solar System Diagram

How Stand Alone Solar Works

Stand alone solar systems produce reliable and efficient electricity for your home using a relatively simple process.

1. The sun shines on the solar panels on your rooftop, which then convert the sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity.

2. The DC electricity is stored in the battery bank, and controlled by a solar charger which keeps the batteries charged.

3. The stored energy in the batteries runs through an inverter, which converts the DC electricity into 240 volt alternating current (AC). This current is what households use and what you are probably more familiar with.

4. The inverter then sends the AC electricity to your household through your existing switchboard, so you are able to power all your usual appliances.